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Nov 11, 2012 5:00am EST
counting. free doughnuts and coffee at crispy cream, free pizza at california pizza kitchen, free wings at hooters if you purchase a drink. those are among this year's veteran day specials. with some celebrating monday, it may help some of the chains fill tables on their slowest day of the week. almost one-third of employers are actively recruiting that. career builder said two out of three companies are more likely to hire a vet over a candidate who hasn't served. i guess it's fair to say you get what you give. a new university of california davis study says companies, especially smaller public ones, who disclose information about corporate social responsibility and who are politically active tend to do better in the stock market. meaning a bigger return to share holders. and that's a look at business at that time new york stock exchange. that's your bloomberg weekend report for wbal tv 11 news. >>> almost as bad as trying to find the right pair of jeans. if you need help finding the right bra, sara caldwell has tips on getting the best fit. but first here a look at some of the events
Nov 18, 2012 5:00am EST
travel plans. >> i'm going to california, meet my daughter, we're going to drive to santa fe. >> it's thanksgiving, you want to be with your friends and family. >> aaa says 43.6 million americans will travel for thanksgiving. a slight i increase from last year. on average, 588 miles down 16% from a year ago. those traveling are also spending less for their trips. just under $500. a reflection of tighter budgets. >> what we think is that people having spent more on gas than they planned, still want to travel for the thanksgiving holiday, but they are going to, as you pointed out, slightly reduce the distance they will travel in favor of the automobile in favor of an airline ticket. >> because americans will spend less traveling for thanksgiving this year, fewer will be flying. in fact, aaa says just over three million people will take to the skies this thanksgiving weekend. the fewest since 2009. while fewer people are flying for thanksgiving, more will be boarding planes, buses, and cruise shims. but the good old fashioned road trip in a car is how 90% of americans will be getting a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2